The Benefits Of Retaining A Personal Home Care Assistant

Posted on: 29 November 2022


When your health takes a downturn, it may prevent you from being able to take care of yourself properly. You might find it difficult to get up and down stairs safely. You also may be unable to get out of bed or stand up from a reclining position without toppling over. You also may forget to take medications on time or need help taking a bath or shower each day. Rather than rely on friends, neighbors, and relatives to help you, you can hire a personal home care worker to assist you. 

Help With Mobility

One of your biggest challenges with your compromised health may involve getting around your home safely. You might be unstable on your feet and at risk of falling down and getting hurt. You also may suffer from vertigo or anemia that makes you dizzy and leaves you disoriented.

Rather than crawl on your hands and knees or fail to get around your home at all, you can hire a personal home care assistant to help you. This caretaker can assist you with using mobility devices like a cane or walker to hold you steady. This person can also help you stand, get out of bed, climb up and down stairs, and hold you steady while you walk. You may avoid falling and getting hurt just by trying to get around your own home.

Help With Medications

Further, you may also need help remembering to take medications on time. You might have suffered a traumatic brain injury, for example, that temporarily robs you of your ability to remember times and schedules properly. As you heal, however, you need someone to help you recall when it is time to take your medications and what doses you have already taken for the day.

Your personal home care worker can ensure you take the right dose of medicines each day. They can also ensure you do not take more than the prescribed doses and keep on schedule with your medications. Your personal home care assistant can be vital in ensuring you get the medicines you need to heal properly.

A personal home care worker can be vital to your safety and health as you recuperate from declining health. You can get the assistance you need in standing up, balancing, and walking around your home safely. You can also get help remembering when and how much medicine to take on time each day.

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