Helpful Services For Your Elderly Parents

Posted on: 4 December 2018


One of the challenges of helping an elderly parent is that you can't be there with them all of the time. There are times when you will need to have some sort of outside help come in and help your parents with their daily routine. This sort of help can be very beneficial, especially if you are planning on keeping your parents in their home and not having them enter into a nursing home. Many elderly parents are not yet ready for an assisted living community, or perhaps they cannot afford one, so they would do best with these helpful services. Here are a few to look at.

A Home Health Care Aids 

A home health aid is perfect to assist with all of the health issues that your parent might have. Some things that the home health aid can assist with include measuring out medications and making sure that your parent takes them and doesn't take too many. There are other things that the home health can assist with such as traveling with your parent to local doctor appointments where they can listen in to what the nurse or doctor instructs your parent to do regarding health protocols.

Pet Sitting Services

If your parent has a pet, then a pet sitting service is really important. This will allow them to visit relatives and friends and not have to be worried about their cat or dog. Many elderly people are so nervous about leaving their pets alone that they end up not leaving home and thereby isolate themselves. They feel worried about leaving their pet alone with no one there to assist. Therefore, you should investigate a pet sitting service that will send someone qualified to your parents' home and have them introduce themselves to your parent so that your parent will feel comfortable leaving their pet with them.

Pickup Laundry Service

Another really helpful service to get is a pickup laundry service. These are incredibly helpful in that they prevent your parent from having to do laundry themselves and possibly getting injured. Also, if your parent doesn't happen to have a laundry on site, then the pickup laundry service will be great because it will prevent them from having to drive to a local laundry store, which will also prevent them from having to drive and possibly get into a traffic accident. The pickup laundry service is a fantastic service that can aid your parent in maintaining their health.