Four Of The Services A Dementia Home Care Provider Can Give

Posted on: 18 January 2018


If you have a loved one suffering from dementia, utilizing the services of an at-home care provider specializing in dementia care can definitely help. Dementia is a challenging diagnosis for children with elderly parents to handle on their own, especially if they've never been exposed to it before. Here are four services a dementia home care provider can give that is sure to benefit you and your suffering loved one:

  1. Personal Care: One of the most important areas to cover is personal care. Dementia patients, especially those with any kind of physical disability can have trouble with even their own most basic care, such s eating, getting dressed, showering, and more. The first service that will be covered by their home care provider will be this. Having the help for this in your loved one's daily life is one way to keep up with routine, which is important for dementia patients. 
  2. Companionship: One thing that is really important for dementia patients is staying active physically and mentally. When they are alone, this is not something that is going to happen, most likely. Having a home care provider around 24/7 provides that companionship and help with participating in activities both mental and physical, such as swimming, walking, playing games, and more. This way, your loved one does not fall into depression, which is a common side effect of suffering with dementia. 
  3. ​Medications: Most likely, your loved one is going to have to take medications throughout the day when suffering with dementia. Since your parent isn't going to remember to do this on their own, a home care provider can do this for them and leave notes to mark that the medication has been taken. This way, it's not something you need to worry about yourself. Just be sure that the home care provider you hire is medically trained to ensure that they can give medications, which they most likely will be if they specialize in dementia care. 
  4. 24/7 Care: If you feel it's necessary, you can even hire home care that is 24/7, so the caregiver is essentially living with your loved one or switches off with another care provider at night. This is the best way to ensure that your loved one has help at night if it's needed, which is usually the case if your parent wanders, or has a physical disability that could lead to them getting hurt should they try to get out of bed on their own. 

These are just four of the services that can be provided. If you are looking for anything else specifically that could be provided, you will want to meet with multiple home care providers to ask questions before choosing the right one for your loved one. For more information, contact establishments like Shower Power Home Care LLC.