2 Tips For Succeeding As A Home Health Care Worker

Posted on: 5 September 2017


Succeeding as a new worker in the home health care field can be a daunting task. It requires you to know not only how to take care of your patients, but how to work in a more independently driven environment where you work one on one with patients without a lot of oversight. Here are two tips that will help you succeed as a new home healthcare worker:

#1 Be Respectful Of Your Client

One of the most important things to keep in mind when working as a home healthcare aide is the importance of respect. You are coming into your client's home; you are not going into a workplace. You should make sure that you find out the rules of your client's home and respect them.

For example, find out if it is okay to wear shoes inside of your client's home or if they prefer you to wear slippers. Find out what areas of their home you have access to and what areas of their home they want you to stay out of. Always ask what areas you can access and what you can use in their home. This will help foster a better relationship between yourself and your clients when they feel like their needs and wants are respected.

Clients who need home health aide assistance can feel like they are giving up some of their privacy and independence. Being respectful of your client's home and needs will help your client feel like they are not giving up so much by getting the help they need.

#2 Focus On Your Work

When you go to a client's home, make sure that you are focused on your work. You should turn your phone off or put it on silent. You should only check your phone when you have a break. You shouldn't be pulling your phone out all the time to check it. That includes texting and playing games on your phone. Your clients should have your full attention when you are on the job.

Try to leave your personal issues at the door as well. Just because you are working in someone's home, doesn't mean that you can bring your personal issues into their home. Just like with a regular job, you should act in a professional manner.

That also means treating your clients in a professional manner. Focus on your client's needs. Do not ask for money or for personal favors. Be mindful of the relationships that you build and make sure that you do not cross any professional lines. 

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